Best Israel Movies Picked by Our Team

Israeli Cinema has caught the world’s attention particularly in the last couple of years. We bring to you 2016’s best  Israeli movies:


A mix-up at a check point leads to two women- One Palestinian and the other Israeli to live each others lives trapped in the others territory.  The identity swap creates drama and confusion in the lives of the suicide bomber and the performance artist’s lives. This female centric movie packs a punch because of its lead actors- Sarah Adler and Samira Saraya.

Out In the Dark

Drama enfolds when love blossoms between two men: a Palestinian student and the other, an Israeli Lawyer. It evokes various shades of emotions in the portrayal of the fear; the citizens of both sides go through and live under on a day to day basis.


Shira Haas’s intense acting is one of the many amazing factors of this multiple award winner. The movie is based on sensitive topics which keep moving between fantasy and reality as it revolves around the lives of an in-denial mother and her abusive boyfriend who ends up raping her 12 year old daughter.israel movie of the yearThe Farewell Party

Confusion ensues when friends at a retirement home create a euthanasia machine for their friend but word gets out and everyone wants access to the machine. The movie is indeed very compassionate and funny.

The Kindergarten Teacher

A female kindergarten teacher discovers the poetic talent of a young boy, well beyond his years in her class and decides to nurture it in any way possible. Drama ensues when the teacher notices that the young Yoav is more inclined to turning into a ‘modern pop garbage follower’

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

CIDIPAL fact of Israel being a country that doesn’t recognize civil divorce leaves the lead character Viviane in a major predicament- her husband doesn’t agree to divorce her. Movie showcases her determination in winning her freedom back.