Upcoming Movies Based on Israel

Though 2017 is still about 7 months away, we give you a sneak peek into the upcoming Israeli movie releases of 2017.

The Lamb of Life

Director Regardt van den Bergh’s The Lamb of god The greatest love story ever told, is set to release on the 16th of April 2017. The director believes that he is an instrument of God and his movie will serve as a gospel to all nations. The movie will be released without copyright, keeping in mind Lev 25:10 ‘Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land’.
The film will be shot at Atlas Film Studios on location in Ourrzazate, Morocco and tells the tragic tale of an Israeli family who has to deal with the death of their eldest son. Young Joel turns into an orphan after his brother’s passing away and his father abandons the family and his faith in god. The journey of the family and that of Christ intersect at the cross.

The site made for promotional purposes and of course to attract investors urges visitors to share, gift or duplicate the content of the site as it helps in spreading the gospel message.

Wonder Woman

Israel’s very own Superwoman Gal Gadot has bagged the role as Superwoman is the 2017 release. Gadot served in the Israeli Defense forces for one year and six months: participating in combat training and possessing weapons. It is not surprising that she also has a modelling and Miss Israel background, with her sharp features and beautiful body.


This 2017 release is based on an Israeli TV show ‘Kol Ma She’Yesh Li’ (All I’ve Got) which narrates the story of a young woman who accidentally runs her car over her boyfriend. Drama will ensue when she is given a choice between going back in time or losing her memory of her later life with her husband and children.

all i've got movie poster

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