Most Downloaded Android Emulators on Windows 10

Do you want to play android games on your PC or Mac? Are you looking for robust and best android emulators for PC & Mac? If so, then this blog will address all your queries. So, settle down and read!

Android emulators are gaining immense popularity these days. App developers deploy android emulators to test and run android applications in the PC before rolling them out officially.  Android emulators help developers to find glitches in the app so that they can remove them and finally release clean, working, and optimally functional apps. Apart from developers, users also exploit android emulators to run android apps in their PCs.

How does an android emulator work?

An Android emulator is a software that emulates likes an android operating system in your PC.  The software forms a virtual android device so that users can efficiently run and test Android applications on the Mac or PC device. The best part of these emulators is that they exhibit capabilities of a well functioning Android device. It helps with the simulation of the phone calls and messages, emulation of the network speeds, simulation of the rotation as well as hardware sensors. Besides these functions, you will even get access to the Google Play Store.

Outstanding features of android emulators:

An android emulator performs all the functions similar to that of an android device. Some of its amazing features are:

  • Camera & capture head icon

With this, you can easily use the laptop webcam in the form of a video source. It also helps with the recording of screencasts.

  • Disk IO throttling header icon

This feature helps with the emulation of devices that function even with lesser internal storage.

  • Accelerometer & Multitouch header icon

This feature helps with the idea of forwarding gyroscope or additional multi-touch events directly coming from the Android device. You can fit that on your computer for testing.

  • GPS header icon

GPS widget helps with the development and testing of location-based apps.

  • Network & WiFi header icon

This feature helps with the inspection and testing of the 4G, 3G, WiFi, Edge, or even the subway interruptions.

  • SMS & Call header icon

Help with the detection of the intrusions checks for the app to react correctly

Best Android emulators For Windows 10

Now, let’s have a look at best emulators:

1.Android Studio’s emulator

It is the default development console for Android development. Bunch of tools makes it easy to develop apps and games. You can configure it for numerous devices with varied versions. Get the Android Studio.


  • Instant app run with the perfectly designed visual layout editor
  • It is super fast with the intelligence code editor
  • Ability to build up app for numerous devices
  • Ease of connecting with firebase
Android Stuido emulator

2. ARChon Runtime for Chrome

ARChon is a Google Chrome extension that runs Android applications and games on the PC or Mac. There’s never any hassle of finding an operating system to make this emulator work. For this reason, developers fund this system significantly easy to work with Mac and PC.


  • Compatible with all operating systems.
  • Supports android system of latest versions
  • Compatible with Google Play and it can run Android games in PC

3.Bliss OS

This Android emulator provides plenty of functions on Mac and PC devices. It also works flexibly with the USB stick. The boot-from-USB system is a power user option. Its gamer-oriented features, along with the keyboard mapping controls, allow users to enjoy the latest games.


  • Customized settings for big and small screens for different tasks.
  • Focuses on speed and stability
  • Battery-friendly along with customizations to tune battery consumption
  • Added Security with security updates


Bluestacks is an Android emulator that is compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac devices. Regular updates ensure a seamless experience for mobile gamers. Bluestacks 4 offers a range of key-mapping and settings. You can get Bluestacks for Free.


  • Supports OS like Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • The processor comprises of Intel or AMD Processor
  • Offers 5GB disk space for free
  • Up to date graphics
bluestacks android emulator


GameLoop is a robust Android emulator that is perfect for gamers. Besides, it provides productivity and developmental testing. The decent gaming emulator offers convenience with mobile FPS gaming. The top-notch keyboard controls and performance makes it noteworthy.

  • Dual-core CPU from Intel or AMD
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT and ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600.
  • Runs on OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.
  • Availability of 1GB of free storage

Further Read:

Final words

So, this was our list of 5 best android emulators. Whether you want to test apps or run apps on your PC or Mac, you can try any of these android emulators and enjoy a seamless experience.

Upcoming Movies Based on Israel

Though 2017 is still about 7 months away, we give you a sneak peek into the upcoming Israeli movie releases of 2017.

The Lamb of Life

Director Regardt van den Bergh’s The Lamb of god The greatest love story ever told, is set to release on the 16th of April 2017. The director believes that he is an instrument of God and his movie will serve as a gospel to all nations. The movie will be released without copyright, keeping in mind Lev 25:10 ‘Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land’.
The film will be shot at Atlas Film Studios on location in Ourrzazate, Morocco and tells the tragic tale of an Israeli family who has to deal with the death of their eldest son. Young Joel turns into an orphan after his brother’s passing away and his father abandons the family and his faith in god. The journey of the family and that of Christ intersect at the cross.

The site made for promotional purposes and of course to attract investors urges visitors to share, gift or duplicate the content of the site as it helps in spreading the gospel message.

Wonder Woman

Israel’s very own Superwoman Gal Gadot has bagged the role as Superwoman is the 2017 release. Gadot served in the Israeli Defense forces for one year and six months: participating in combat training and possessing weapons. It is not surprising that she also has a modelling and Miss Israel background, with her sharp features and beautiful body.


This 2017 release is based on an Israeli TV show ‘Kol Ma She’Yesh Li’ (All I’ve Got) which narrates the story of a young woman who accidentally runs her car over her boyfriend. Drama will ensue when she is given a choice between going back in time or losing her memory of her later life with her husband and children.

all i've got movie poster

You can watch all these movies in the future using Amazon Prime application which was developed for watching movies on Android and other devices.

Best Israel Movies Picked by Our Team

Israeli Cinema has caught the world’s attention particularly in the last couple of years. We bring to you 2016’s best  Israeli movies:


A mix-up at a check point leads to two women- One Palestinian and the other Israeli to live each others lives trapped in the others territory.  The identity swap creates drama and confusion in the lives of the suicide bomber and the performance artist’s lives. This female centric movie packs a punch because of its lead actors- Sarah Adler and Samira Saraya.

Out In the Dark

Drama enfolds when love blossoms between two men: a Palestinian student and the other, an Israeli Lawyer. It evokes various shades of emotions in the portrayal of the fear; the citizens of both sides go through and live under on a day to day basis.


Shira Haas’s intense acting is one of the many amazing factors of this multiple award winner. The movie is based on sensitive topics which keep moving between fantasy and reality as it revolves around the lives of an in-denial mother and her abusive boyfriend who ends up raping her 12 year old daughter.israel movie of the yearThe Farewell Party

Confusion ensues when friends at a retirement home create a euthanasia machine for their friend but word gets out and everyone wants access to the machine. The movie is indeed very compassionate and funny.

The Kindergarten Teacher

A female kindergarten teacher discovers the poetic talent of a young boy, well beyond his years in her class and decides to nurture it in any way possible. Drama ensues when the teacher notices that the young Yoav is more inclined to turning into a ‘modern pop garbage follower’

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

CIDIPAL fact of Israel being a country that doesn’t recognize civil divorce leaves the lead character Viviane in a major predicament- her husband doesn’t agree to divorce her. Movie showcases her determination in winning her freedom back.

The Basic Facts About CidiPal Has Revealed

CIDIPAL is the center for information and documentation for Israel for Para America which we can call as(Cidipal), It will provide information to the public. It’s one of the best service provider to the public about Tourism and Political, Education and Cultural.

Sign in to your DocuSign account to electronically sign documents, request signatures, check document status, send reminders, and view audit trails. Docusign login process is explained in Campus Relief Website by the Author.

Cidipal will let you know all the things which you will use in the future, You must subscribe to the Cidipal website to improve your knowledge and awareness of your country. It will establish a proper connection between government and people.


Mainly it will focus on below given categories 

  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Culture 

Cidipal has video and music library department to enjoy and watch unlimited to useful stuff of your country. It will provide videos like tennis and football, basketball and many more such events. If you are a music freak then you can enjoy music and get entertained, everyone must follow Cidipal to know about regular updates about Israel government.

The Little-Known Secret About Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a good app to watch movies online quite easily. It is available for all devices. Install this app to use all features which are available on Amazon Prime Video app on your mobile phone.

This app has advanced technology search options, Adjustable quality, Large collection of movies make this app unique from other apps. To install this app follow below steps.

Amazon Prime Video App Download

Amazon Prime Video app Features

  1. It has a large collection of High-Quality shows and films.
  2. To watch movies on this app is simple. You need to pay for it.
  3. Download option is available.
  4. Give a chance to user to select the quality of Movies.
  5. Better search option.
  6. It has very less memory. It won’t consume much memory of your device.

Amazon Prime Video For Android Mobile

Follow below steps to install this app on your android phone within few minutes.

  • The official version of Amazon Prime Video apk is not available in the Google Play store. You need to download Apk file of Amazon Prime Video app to your phone.
  • To install Amazon Prime Video on your phone, first, you need to allow the unknown source to install on your phone. Go to settings à Security à unknown sources. Make sure that unknown sources are selected.
  • Download Amazon Prime Video Apk file from below given official link.
  • Once you downloaded Amazon Prime Video apk file, go to file location where it is saved. Click to install on your device. Click on the install option.
  • Once it is installed, you can see app installed message on installation panel.
  • Go to App menu, click on Amazon Prime Video app to open it. Good UI design attracts users.
  • You can sort or select movies by Rating, Popularity and other things.
  • You can choose movies by genres like Drama, Romance, Comedy etc.